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Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

When buying a house, you would need to evaluate whether you need a real estate lawyer or whether you need an agent. You would need to note that most real estate agents demand commission which the agent indirectly passes to you. On the other hand, the real estate agent may charge per hour rates. Even as every state tends to have its set of laws, the real estate agent's help is not a mandatory even though an agent can guide one to meet all the legal requirements such as preparing a house purchase contract. One would also need to note that some states only allow real estate lawyers to do a title search, prepare house buying documents, as well as close the deal. Read more about estate planning lawyer Katy.

One of the reasons as to why you would need a real estate lawyer include the fact that paperwork tends to be very common and hence the need for someone conversant with the processes and requirements. On the other end, you would need to know who pays for repairs, check whether the property in question has any pending court proceedings or even payment. When using a lawyer, you would need to as well need to learn as many details as possible. Unlike agents who collude with sellers to coerce one into bidding high on a given house, the best lawyers tend to be neutral on the issue of pricing. You also forego the problem of having to sign documents that may lead to a transfer of property from you before the settlement of payment.

Even as one should not necessarily hire a real estate lawyer in some states, one would need to make sure that he or she hires one. One may have an easy time doing the transactions with the agent until a legal issue arises. In that case, the agent has no legal obligations and hence need to hire an attorney for help. Agents may be in a position to contract and negotiate part of the process but may not be in a position to give legal advice where the need arises. Explore more about houston business lawyer.

For instances, you may need a real estate lawyer to evict a bad tenant to be in a position to transact business, buy the house in question before searching for a new tenant. While such plans may be a wise idea, a real estate lawyer comes into advice on whether it is possible in the first place. To avoid instances where you would transact and then search for a lawyer, you would need to make sure that you hire an excellent real estate lawyer to take you through house buying or house selling.
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